Magazine Recycling

Magazine Recycling Service


We provide a national collection service for the recycling of magazines and redundant catalogues. This material is 100% recyclable and is often collected on pallets, as the waste can be stacked. The pallets are usually very heavy which means the payload is much higher; this has an impact on costs and potential rebates.

Magazines are taken to a regional recycling hub and will eventually be sent to a paper mill for full recovery. There are different grades of magazine paper, however, we recycle most types. If your company requires a magazine recycling service, speak to one of our team and we’d be happy to help.

Did you know?

We also recycle other types of waste materials such as paper, cardboard and even plastics! See how your waste can be turned into a resource and profit from our collection service.


FAQ’s about Magazine Recycling:

How much material do I need to warrant a collection?

As much as possible, transport costs can be high when collecting small amounts. Generally speaking a payload of over 4 tonnes is the minimum.

Can we deliver our waste magazines and catalogues to a depot?

Yes, this is possible. Before delivery you will need to set up an account and then receive a delivery ticket. It’s vital that ALL deliveries are accompanied by a valid ticket.

Can we bale magazines before collection?

Yes, absolutely! It’s important the bales are well formed and the correct machine is used. Baling magazines can be a great way to increase the weight per collection and this will increase any rebates available.

How much do you pay for recycling magazines?

Prices go up and down to reflect world markets, we can provide a prices based upon the following factors:

– Current market rates, distance from a regional depot, weight of material, annual or monthly volume.

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Gerry Davies
Gerry Davies
Metmor Ltd.
Our collection of redundant magazines was quick, efficient and easy to organise. We even received a rebate for old stock which was a nice bonus.